Task update

I’m not including fine tune edits. That’s deleting irrelevant sections and editing typos.

Task one – done. Feedback: Minor edits. It’s all there I just have to include a couple of theorists and cut and paste one section

Task two – done. Feedback: second half needs to be shorter. Truncate part of it and delete another. I’ll have a look tomorrow after I complete task four. I know I’ll get bogged down overthinking one point if I don’t keep going. It is possible that I don’t need to make all the recommended changes if I can justify how I use these studies.

Task three: done. Awaiting feedback

Task four: 80% submit tomorrow morning

Task five: 50% in shape the other 50% is a bit all over the shop.

Task six: done: Awaiting feedback

Referencing and formatting: it will take a day or two but I can’t do it until everything else is finalised.

If I can get task four done after drop off, I can work on task five and submit it all by The weekend.

So other than writing this thesis I’ve been doing the mom thing. Any day the kid goes to school without protesting is a good day.

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