I haven’t had a chance to do as much as I would like. I’ve been doing mom stuff, family stuff. I’ve had to limit my friend stuff in order to see an end to this project.

B1 – 4 days: I sat on this for so long, I started to panic about never finishing this darn project. So I decided to look at easier aspects of the project. Mental block!!!!

B2 – 2 days: haven’t looked at this. Shouldn’t be too hard.

B3 – 1 day: yay done but can’t send it off until the first two are completed.

B4 – 1 day: done-ish. Need one line to conclude.

B5- 2 days: half done.

B6 – 2 days: not done. Can’t do this until I’ve done the rest.

B7 References and appendices – 1 day: ongoing. Half done.

B8 Formatting – 1 day. No point doing this until the very end.

So it doesn’t look too bad.

It’s that first part.


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