Task A completed

I just submitted half the thesis to my supervisor. I have about two weeks worth of re-writing. I am not going to go by the number of days as I need time out and I have to parent my pre-teen. Sometimes I feel as if he is a teen already. I think the golden age 7-10, that period when their bodies are not doing that much growing, is over for him. How did that happen so quickly?

So I have another 17-20k to edit.

I’ll go by chapters. I’ll call this section b.


B1 – 4 days

B2 – 2 days

B3 – 1 day

B4 – 1 days

B5- 2 days

B6 – 2 days

B7 References and appendices – 1 day

B8 Formatting – 1 day.

I have to do this in order. Chapter 1 will be the hardest. I have to look through chapter 4 in order to write chapter 1, so I might edit as I review that chapter. I can’t include anything in chapters 4,5 and 6 that I do not mention in chapters 1 and 2.

I have about 3 social commitments between now and the end of the school holidays. They are far too long.

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