Day 0 Yes!!!!!!!!!!


That’s it for now.

I have a couple of weeks to relax while awaiting feedback. It’s way too long and the last chapter isn’t as succinct as I would like it to be, but it is DONE! Yeah! I thoroughly recommend this countdown method. 

I’ve managed to achieve two goals doing it this way. I’m not going to reset the clock for the final submission until I meet with supervisors. 

I think I’m still 5-8 k over and that’s after putting so many words in the footnotes. But there is no way I will upgrade this project to a PhD as that’s another level and I want to move on.

I will work on my graphics and write the front section and the bridge. I can’t believe I spent two weeks writing my honours (supposedly f/t) project and three years (part time) on this one.  

Still got more to do but I am so happy to have completed this mostly accurately referenced and formatted near complete draft. 



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