Day -21 what a difference a day makes 

And sleep, which I must get to now lest I end up cranky tomorrow.

I only have one more chapter to rewrite. It doesn’t need as extensive a facelift than the one I just completed. I’m going to spend tomorrow going back to the first part of thesis before starting the final (for now) chapter rewrite. 

I’m so hungry. I could do with a bowl of pho but I live a fair distance from a decent Vietnamese cafe. I am tempted to head into the city for food but I must keep going.

The plan is to submit this draft asap. Then I’ll get some time off before the final rewrite. I’ll need to hit a pause on the countdown clock when I submit the entire draft because I need to allow my supervisors time to read through it.

I really hope I don’t have to do massive rewrites. 

But I guess by the time I get the feedback I will have had a couple of weeks off. 

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