Day -23

I can do this. 

I have some momentum going but it means that I’m not available to anyone except the kid. I have 1.5 chapters to rewrite and reference. Although the referencing is tedious, it is a good way to begin the day because I have to double check the details and in doing so I skim the article or section of the article. 

I’m still over the word limit and on some pages I have 2/3 of the page filled with footnotes.

The plan tomorrow is to finish writing and referencing methods and move onto that final chapter where I tie the threads together. 

I’m not going to worry about the creative component until I finish this damn section. In fact, I’ll submit the draft before I edit the creative section. I just need that sense of semi-completion. 

I will need to rewrite the whole thing after both supervisors look at it. I will have to allow them a few weeks to look through it. I have very good supervisors. 

I’m not going to think beyond each task. The big picture does not matter at this stage. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time – gross 🙂 

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