Day -24

Friends, I keep forgetting you guys can follow this blog and you know what’s been going on here. Not a lot! 

I had a dream last night that told me not to do rusty orchestra again. It’s my hearing loss. It causes me a lot of anxiety and playing in a orchestra just makes things worse. Also, I stumbled across an article in which Ghassan Hage, an academic who writes about race and multiculturalism, uses the concepts I am using to discuss his deafness in an authoethnographic piece! The way to cope with it is not to think about it until it becomes a real problem. 

Okay so the thesis. I’ve spent the past few days checking references and realising that in using the autho-date system I am wasting words. Arghhh but I refuse to go back and change it to footnotes system because I have spent hours or rather days entering references manually. I will just have to footnote and reword massive chunks of the thesis. If I ever do this again I am using the footnotes system.

Other aspects of life, other than basic needs and parenting, are on hold until this damn thing is finished.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this degree other than look at it and think hey, you did it! 

More about my theory on why some people are not that ambitious and others are later.

What to do? I’ll ask my supervisor. I keep forgetting that she is a teacher. I keep forgetting teachers teach and guide.

Oh dear, I’ve missed the last window of calm. Everyone is up. 

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