Day -33

1500 words 

I need another 1000-1500 today.

Then I am submitting the findings chapter.

I will put discussions and conclusions in the last chapter. Maybe I’ll move the discussion back to this chapter but after a week + of the flu, I just want to submit something.

I still felt rather rotten yesterday but pushed on because anxiety over doing nothing felt worse than the post-viral cough.

I need to eat something more tasty today. It’s been a week since I’ve cooked myself something decent to eat. I miss my custom made flavours. 

As for music – the reason I started this blog, I have had no time at all. I’ve been just messing around a little on the keyboard and that’s about it.

I am picturing the end of this thesis… just imagining how great it will feel to not have to do it and have time to do something else. Now that I’m better it doesn’t feel too hard to finish it but during the flu it felt as if I was wasting my time.

Going to power in today. Submit something this afternoon and keep going. 

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