Day -32: one more chapter rewrite to go!

Submitted a chapter of around 2750 words and deleted words from Chapter 3 as I was being repetitive. Flu still not cleared. Feel a but blerghhh but I will plod on tomorrow as I have child care. It’s been quite rare during this degree to get uninterrupted stretches of writing time. I think my family realise I will go off the deep end if no one takes what I do outside of my carer/home duty roles seriously.

I haven’t cooked since I came down with the flu a week ago. 

Tomorrow I plod on with stating the bleeding obvious. My supervisor says that it only appears obvious to me because I have had this in my head for years. Let’s hope so. 

I probably could make my sentences more fluent and paragraphs better structured but I just need to move on. 

My goal tomorrow is to write 1000 words of the final 2750 words 


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