Day -76 

2.85/7 chapters rewritten.
I haven’t had as much time to write this week. Although I am prioritising writing the fact is I have other responsibilities. I got a bit grumpy today because of the interruptions. I don’t live in an ivory tower. I live in a world of insurance, storm damage, elderly parents and play dates. I have been thinking about how great it will feel to complete this. It does feel good to have drafts that get better with each rewrite. The trick is to just write and get something down on paper. Writing is rewriting. I’m anticipating a month of editing of the entire thesis after I finish this final draft. 

And where would I be without Zotero? The scale of my project is small enough that I can write things out the old fashion way. I don’t like using fields in Word, but Zotero is a useful way to keep track of my references and reading notes.

People ask me what I’m doing with this degree. They are thinking geeze she’s older, it’s not as if she can start in whatever. I hate that about the society I live in, always have even as a young person.

I wonder if the YouTube stars of today will be allowed to grow old? I’ve been watching shows where my teen idols are unrecognisable because of time. People age if they are lucky. 

I need to reset my body clock next week. Life returns to “normal” as hubby’s leave finishes. I have to keep writing. 

That is my goal. I must be as goal orientated as  John Wick. Gosh that was a terrible movie!


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