Mid-life or mid-winter

Thank goodness for smart phones. I would get very little done without one.

I’m still in bed because the kid is playing with the rescue cat we adopted. These days cat’s must be registered and sterilised, and be kept indoors! I get the feeling that I am not far away from becoming a crone like woman who goes on about how, “in my day…” 

In my day cats knew how to dig a hole in the garden and poop in it. This cat doesn’t seem to know how to dig a hole in the kitty litter and only in a box of newspaper so I’ve had to put away our open paper recycling bin! The cat is also afraid of the outdoors?!?!!!?! We don’t live in an apartment! I’m going to train it to go out, have a play and stay within the confines of our property. 

I haven’t had time to do much other than look after my child. I will probably not have a chance to see any friends who are not parents of my son’s friends until after the holidays. 

The thesis: not happening. I sent part of it to a PhD writer friend to have a read through and the whole mess to my supervisor who knows that I won’t have time to do anything until the school holidays are over. 

The paid job: something that is rare to come by apparently and I have been told that I’m silly to give it up. Maybe I am but I won’t finish my thesis I continue.

The violin: I still need to get replacement rubbers for my shoulder rest. I haven’t had time to go to a music store. I’ll try going over the weekend. I have found someone to duet with which is something to look forward to. I need to find time to print out some music at some stage. I haven’t been at my desktop either at home or in the office in ages. I might have some time towards the end of the week or the weekend.

So the plan is to:

1) Sleep

2) Stay sane

3) find some time in the next two weeks to not be around anything child related even if it’s two hours reading a trashy novel.

4)go to a music store

5) see at least one friend who is not the mother of my child’s friend. 

6)clean freezer so there is space for home pre-cooked frozen meals. Last minute meal planning takes up too much time!

7)chill out and plan to go on a retreat after submitting thesis.

8)don’t think too far ahead. 

9)remember that the unexpected and the unknown can be good.

10)buy more bamboo stakes to construct a structure to replace some eyesore makeshift barrier that’s been in my backyard for a year. I am so sick of half finished home improvement projects. It makes me feel as if I have been suspended in time for a decade.

11)get out of bed! 🙂 

12) read a chapter of a book

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