Second week of school holidays 

We made it through week one!

I haven’t had enough outdoor walking time so am wide awake at midnight. It’s another busy day tomorrow. 

If my fairy godmother came to visit today I would ask her to babysit, host play dates and organise my study/pantry/shed. That is all. Then I can find time to read this book: 

People ask me why I’m so busy if I only have one child. I am not an only child but grew up as one as my sibling was a lot older than me. My parents weren’t around much and it was lonely. Sure I could keep myself occupied with daydreams and books, but I had no one to interact with or share my thoughts with other than a cat. There’s always some guilt attached to not being able to have another child.  Although Cain and Abel type stories remind me that having a sibling is not always a positive thing.

I’m so tired my thoughts make no sense. I sent a friend/peer half of my thesis. It’s the first time I’ve looked at it in 1.5 weeks. I think I’ll just have a less clogged up rain once I find some time to work on it. I’ve accepted I won’t have any time to do anything until next Monday. I will have two days then as kid has a sleepover. 

I see a psychologist every now and again, but I really can’t be bothered going to my next appointment. She doesn’t say much that helps with thesis writing anxiety. 

The only one who can do anything about it is me. I know that this involves writing. 

Or rather a space and hours to write. It needs to be my priority but right now it is not.

It has to be.

And it will be when kid goes back to school.

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