I am in awe of single mothers

I don’t know any single fathers. That is simone  ho has their kid 100% of the time. If I can were a full time single mother I would move in with my family or find a new partner. I’m not gay/bi  but if I couldn’t find a decent man, I’d find a woman just so I wouldn’t have to be a sole parent. How do the ones who do it do it well? 

Then again I suppose the kid would be used to it and not be crying every day about dad being away. 

I just read Euripides’ Medea. Other than the infanticide part, I think I would be like Medea if I were in that situation. Not sure I could murder my rival and her father-in-law as in dreams when I’ve murdered someone I always feel guilty and awful, but I’m sure I would be angry enough to want to.  Of course my interpretation of the play differs from the original (Ancient male Greek) audience. I actually don’t know that much about Ancient Greek theatre but was impressed by how many more female roles there are in this than say in Shakespearean plays. 

I wonder though why these tragedies are high brow just because they feature Zeus. In fact, I don’t know why some stories about family dysfunction are high-brow (e.g Greek plays/Shakespearean tragedies) and others low (e.g Telenovelas/soaps). Is it the $$ class of the main characters? Well I have my theories but I really must save it for the thesis which I will have no time to work on for another week at least.

However, I am  finding time to read because it’s something I can do when kid falls asleep. I’ve got My Sister, My Love by JCO on the bedside table. It’s inspired by the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Is that literary or popular fiction? Or cross over.

How do super-women who are the main carers manage to do so much? Do they require less sleep or will they just get  dementia before the rest of us because they don’t sleep. Or can they just multi-task better and have bigger brains? 

I might buy a lotto ticket. One Powerball and I’m hiring a person to sort out my house. I can’t move even if I won the Powerball. Can’t change schools again.

Yay kid is tired. 

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