Day -3 – Yikes!

Hello my three readers!

[I am too old and too private to post pictures up of me. Yes I know there are three people in the photo who are possibly older than me but one is a man and the other have had work done or are heavily photoshopped].


I spent most of today being a housewife but gave up and will try again tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to take a trip to a department store and buy storage solutions for my pantry. It’s getting a little scary in there and I’m sure we have mice. The husband is going overseas for a month so I’m quite freaked out about the prospect of having to dispose of any mice I find in the traps. [Note to self – do not mention buying mousetrap to vegetarian friends].

I managed to spend some time on the four pieces I have to play. I’ve accepted I won’t be able to play every note and decided to look at the positives:

1)I can play every note – just not at speed.

2)John Williams is difficult to play. I have new found respect for the composer of Star Wars, Raiders, Harry Potter…and the people who play in film orchestras.

3) I managed to go from literally rusty to okay for an amateur who hasn’t played in over two decades. Technically I have as I pull the violin out every 7-8 years or so and attempt to play again. This is the first time I’ve gone beyond playing a few simple tunes at home since I quit in 1991.

4)Some of my closest friends are going to be at the concert as will my kid and some of his friends!

5)I’m playing well enough to join a mid-level amateur orchestra.


I’ve started reading Mozart in the Jungle after catching a  snippet from few episodes of it in which they play one of the pieces we will be performing this weekend. I stumbled across thisblog which made me feel better about how difficult I am finding the 1812 Overture:

10) No orchestra knows the 1812 overture by heart. Although it is theoretically possible that individual players may know parts of it, they could never just start playing without any kind of preparation.


Realistically, I only have about 4 practice hours left in me before the rehearsal. I have to submit what I’ve re-edited to my supervisor in less than 48 hours. I also need to send hubby off to the airport. But I wont’ think about the big picture now.  Oh dear, I think my son still has a cold.



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