Day -9

To my TWO dear readers and me,

What? A week just passed? How did that happen?

Well I’m no where near being able to play every single note at the required speed, but I am better than I was last week. Why is it that playing badly motivates you to improve? I feel a bit bad for my kid that he won’t play have the opportunity to play the violin at this stage. He had a teacher at school but he was just doing it for the money. I’m sure he was fine once a child committed to private lessons, but the group lessons were token. Also, maybe it’s not my child’s thing. I never had the opportunity to play the cello, so I don’t know what I’m missing.

So today I managed to learn a few of the fast passages. It’s the first time in my life I’ve put so much effort into two bars. I don’t know if my fingers can move as fast as they need to but I am happy with what I’ve achieved.

I spoke with my supervisor this morning and we have a plan for me. A realistic time line and goals to get my thesis written up by the submission date.  I have to give up my teaching hours so that I stay sane. If I lived on campus and had all my meals cooked for me, and had no family to look after I could work and submit on time. But that’s not my reality.

I’m a bit disappointed that H is heading overseas to visit family for a month so won’t be around to see my performance, but he was able to view some of the rehearsal thanks to the lovely orchestra coordinators.

Reflecting on my progress has helped me progress. I might have to do the same thing for my thesis writing next month.







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