Day -75 Oh crap! 

It’s been a week since I started this blog and practicing. I think I’ve made progress as my family hasn’t told me to stop playing when they are in the house. The neighbour might have slammed their window shut but that’s because I was playing late at night. 

I’m sore. Need to stretch and do weights. 

I know it’s all low stakes and the aim is fun, but what if I can’t keep up? Amateur musicians are still pretty good especially if they’ve been playing regularly. 

What if I am that player who gets the dirty looks? 

The thing is those who played really terribly in the school orchestra ended up being professionals. But they took a while to get there. Years of effort, passion and discipline.

What if all my students submit their assessments? I still have a chapter or three to rewrite. If only the technology to communicate telepathically was in existence now. 

I may have to work from home as I can just pick up the fiddle when I take a break from thesis writing.

Where I’m at:

– freaking out again

-wish I had an amateur friend to join me

-an imperfect semi-tone  out from perfect pitch 

– sore

– a little panicky about my thesis. I will need to work solidly on Thursday and Friday 


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