Day -76 A new shoulder rest and a re-haired bow

I went to the music shop after work today to pick up my bow. I was going to go there before work but decided not to after considering the logistics of taking a violin case or a bow to work. It’s too hot today to leave it in the car. And get this, it turns out my old violin teacher was in the shop only a couple of hours before I got there! The universe does not want me to bump into him.

I spoke to the guy in the music shop about my shoulder issues. He seems to think that the pain I’m experiencing is from gripping too tightly onto the instrument with my neck because I’m not confident with using my left arm. I did, however, buy a new shoulder rest because I don’t have strength in my left arm. I think that I really must do my daily weights to strengthen both arms.  He also gave me some tips on how to practice after not playing for a really long time. He asked me if I wanted to easy or hardcore version. I said, give me the easy version.  So he suggested that I play really long bow strokes on open strings and just work on posture. I have 76 days to go.


So one week after I decided to do this rusty orchestra thing, this is what I’ve accomplished:

  1. Restrung the violin with new steel strings.
  2. Re-haired bow.
  3. Learnt how to play a few scales in tune.

My partner said this morning that the scale sounded pretty this morning so I can get a tone out of the violin that sounds semi-decent.

I figured if this is a community outreach program, it shouldn’t matter too much if I can’t play that well. My biggest impediment at the moment is that I have no muscles.

I may need to YouTube some holding a violin 101 lessons.

[Edit: Just found a quick YouTube clip of some guy who looks as if he has a very comfortable chin rest and a muscular left arm.]

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