Day -78 Sleep and strength training 

I will be picking up my bow next week. I probably need a new shoulder rest too. The one I have isn’t working for me. Either that or I have no strength at all. 

I have been feeling sore today but I don’t think it’s from playing the violin. My  kid has to lug a ridiculously heavy bag to school each day and on Friday I lifted it into the front seat and pulled something.

I’ve had to just not do anything today except get a massage and do a little bit of weight training.  I need some arm muscles so I’m following the regimen my Physio gave me when I injured my right shoulder. 

I’m still not 100% confident that I can do this, and do everything else that I do. 

I hope I get the music soon. I am really hoping it’s just excerpts from pieces and we only play for 20 minutes. I guess as a kid I played every day. Even if I didn’t do meaningful practice, I still held the instrument and made some sounds on it for at least an hour a day. 

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