Day – 82 The countdown begins

82 days until the performance.

Today I took a quick peak at one of the pieces.

Things I must do:

  1. Get my bow rehaired ASAP – It’s been so long since I played, half of its been eaten by bow mites. Or maybe it’s the silverfish.
  2. Build up strength. Perhaps I need to look at doing some weights.
  3. Not spend so much time typing! This is going to be hard given that I’m writing a dissertation and have to mark students’ work online.
  4. Breathe! It’s for rusty players!
  5. Practice scales. The piece is fast. My fingers and brains are not.
  6. Do not panic!
  7. Hope that my muscles have more memory than my brains.

Things I did:

  1. Panicked after a reality check.
  2. Looked at one of the pieces and listened to it on YouTube. I used to play by ear a lot. I may have to rely on this skill again. But then I remembered that I could only rely on this skill because I was always in the section that played the melody. Crap.
  3. Had flashbacks to both happy and not so happy times with the violin.
  4. Panicked again after looking at my “milestones to completion” document.
  5. Panicked some more after looking at my class list – I have a lot of marking to do leading up to this.
  6. Breathed.
  7. Sight read, albeit badly, the piece. There is no way I can play it at speed. It took me a while to remember.
  8. Took pride in the fact I could still work out complex key signatures.
  9. Googled to see if I had the right key signature.
  10. Wondered whether this is all part of putting off thesis writing.

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