Task update

Task 5 – this is the only one left. I am going to submit it this afternoon or evening.

I am sure I will have another round of rewriting but for all purposes it’s done.

I have the abstract to write after this arghh


Task update

I’m not including fine tune edits. That’s deleting irrelevant sections and editing typos.

Task one – done. Feedback: Minor edits. It’s all there I just have to include a couple of theorists and cut and paste one section

Task two – done. Feedback: second half needs to be shorter. Truncate part of it and delete another. I’ll have a look tomorrow after I complete task four. I know I’ll get bogged down overthinking one point if I don’t keep going. It is possible that I don’t need to make all the recommended changes if I can justify how I use these studies.

Task three: done. Awaiting feedback

Task four: 80% submit tomorrow morning

Task five: 50% in shape the other 50% is a bit all over the shop.

Task six: done: Awaiting feedback

Referencing and formatting: it will take a day or two but I can’t do it until everything else is finalised.

If I can get task four done after drop off, I can work on task five and submit it all by The weekend.

So other than writing this thesis I’ve been doing the mom thing. Any day the kid goes to school without protesting is a good day.

Task 2 completed

For now. 🙂

Task 1 feedback has been given. They are minor adjustments. Just a few references I have to add and a theorist or two to show that I know what is going on in the multiple fields my study is situate

Task 3 almost there. My brain can’t do anymore without food and rest but I am keen to get it out of the way so I can move onto task 4 and then 5. Five requires more effort than 3 and 4.

Formatting will take time but I’m not including that as a major task.

The end is nigh.

Task 2 50-80% complete

Depending on how you look at it.

I was less productive today because I didn’t go for my morning ride and swim. I though I would just keep my head down and write for three hours since my partner was able to do the school drop off, but it doesn’t work that way. I am more productive when I do more in the mornings.

So this chapter has structure but it’s also increased in word limit. In the shower tonight it all clicked but I am too tired to write the chapter conclusion and change subheadings. My eyes are also too tired to do close edits.

This dissertation could have been anything from around 20-60k long. A PhD in some places is around 80-100k. Mine is sitting at around 45k.

Tomorrow I have a few things to do. I won’t be able to finalise task 2 until Friday.

Task 3 and 4 should be way easier.

Task 2

50% complete.

It is getting easier but it’s still hard not going off topic

I recognise that this late stage is sending me a bit batty. I’m spending ages on a bloody message to the kid’s teacher 😂.

Who knows what lies beyond this, but a wise friend once said in response to – wtf do I do when this is over? She said, the next thing.

But it’s not over yet so there’s no pointing worrying about the next thing just yet.

Someone at the bank stuffed up. We are being charged for a credit card we closed four or so months ago. I’m so into these new smaller banks that have great apps and online com. I think going into the branch just complicated things.

Swimming in the ocean

My new routine:

Drop of kid

Beach swim


Work on small achievable set task

Today’s is to review draft of chapter two and see where I need to make the edits and additions. This is way easier than the previous chapter. Once this is done I can get three and four done very quickly.

Could it be?

There is light at the end of this tunnel?

I’m happy and feel so much lighter.

The ocean and sunshine makes me happy.

Four more to go

I submitted the final draft of a key chapter. By the time I did it I saw why writing multiple drafts was necessary. Also, why it was easier to write the intro after revising the content.

To go:

2 – this should take two days

3/4- a day of close edits

5 – two days.

References and formatting -two days.

I will take time off in between.

I’ve also decided not to do my usual thing of rushing into it the next thing.

I’m going to enjoy just not knowing and not freaking out about it. Nor am I going to worry about a future that might or might not happen. Who knows what will unfold after this.

Who really knows.

We all die sooner or later.


I haven’t had a chance to do as much as I would like. I’ve been doing mom stuff, family stuff. I’ve had to limit my friend stuff in order to see an end to this project.

B1 – 4 days: I sat on this for so long, I started to panic about never finishing this darn project. So I decided to look at easier aspects of the project. Mental block!!!!

B2 – 2 days: haven’t looked at this. Shouldn’t be too hard.

B3 – 1 day: yay done but can’t send it off until the first two are completed.

B4 – 1 day: done-ish. Need one line to conclude.

B5- 2 days: half done.

B6 – 2 days: not done. Can’t do this until I’ve done the rest.

B7 References and appendices – 1 day: ongoing. Half done.

B8 Formatting – 1 day. No point doing this until the very end.

So it doesn’t look too bad.

It’s that first part.


Task A completed

I just submitted half the thesis to my supervisor. I have about two weeks worth of re-writing. I am not going to go by the number of days as I need time out and I have to parent my pre-teen. Sometimes I feel as if he is a teen already. I think the golden age 7-10, that period when their bodies are not doing that much growing, is over for him. How did that happen so quickly?

So I have another 17-20k to edit.

I’ll go by chapters. I’ll call this section b.


B1 – 4 days

B2 – 2 days

B3 – 1 day

B4 – 1 days

B5- 2 days

B6 – 2 days

B7 References and appendices – 1 day

B8 Formatting – 1 day.

I have to do this in order. Chapter 1 will be the hardest. I have to look through chapter 4 in order to write chapter 1, so I might edit as I review that chapter. I can’t include anything in chapters 4,5 and 6 that I do not mention in chapters 1 and 2.

I have about 3 social commitments between now and the end of the school holidays. They are far too long.